Website Reviews

Ready to rock your website?

We’re here to give your website the once-over and let you know what’s working well and what could use a little bit of love.

We’ll dive into your design, functionality, content and user experience and provide you with some actionable insights and recommendations.

Let it shine!

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge or throw shade at your hard work, we’re here to make it shine!

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or just someone who wants to make a killer website, we’ll put you on the right path to excellence!

Just four steps to website nirvana...

We’re ready to dive into your site and work out what looks great and what might need some work.

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  1. First contact

    To get started just fill in our short form and provide some basic details about your website.

  2. Book a slot

    We'll get back to you with a link to our calendar so you can book a slot that works for you and your team.

  3. Zooooooooom

    All reviews take place on the zoom platform and are recorded for you to watch and refer back to at anytime.

  4. Take action

    You walk away with a massive list of action points and tips on how to squeeze the best out of your website.

Let's zooom tonight!

We do our website reviews on the Zoom platform so we see the same thing at the same time.

You can have as many people as you like in the meeting, even your web designer if you have one so they can hear everything we say unfiltered.

What's the damage?

Our website review service costs just £149.00, no matter how big your website is.

In return, you’ll get two hours of our time as well as additional support via email if you need any help and a recording of the review.

Book me in!

Frequently asked questions

You may have some questions about our website review service.

Here are the ones that get asked the most or click the button below if you have one of your own…

Ask a Question
  • What will you cover in the review?

    There are so many things but here are some examples…

    • Our initial impressions, can we figure out who you are and what you do?
    • Brand consistency
    • The whole user experience and flow of the website
    • Website speed
    • Images
    • Headings and content
    • Contact forms
    • What does it look like on a mobile device?

    …and much more!

    You’ll realise just how handy it is to have another set of eyes looking at your hard work!

  • How long is the review?

    Each review session lasts 2 hours and we’ll cover as many pages as we can in that time.

    If it’s clear that we need to spend more time on your site then additional hours are available at £79.00 per hour.

  • How will I receive my website review?

    After the session, we’ll upload your website review to YouTube within 24 hours and make it private so that only you and anyone you share the link with can watch it. We’ll also supply an audio-only version in MP3 format so you can listen in the car or at the gym.

  • What if my website sucks?

    Don’t beat yourself up! You’ve made the first step to website excellence!

    Once we’ve finished our review, you’ll have a ton of useful suggestions on how to make your website better. You can either make those changes yourself or we can have a chat about taking care of them for you.

    If, however, we discover that your website is a lost cause and needs replacing then don’t be sad, you can offset half the cost of the review against a brand-new website!

  • What if my website is already the best it can be?

    We’ve yet to come across a website that is just so perfect there’s absolutely nothing we can offer you to make it better.

    We’re 100% sure we can give you some tips to make your website shine!