Logo placement 101: How to make sure your website’s design gets it right

Hey there logo lovers, believe it or not, the position of the logo on your website is crucial and can have a significant impact on how your visitors perceive your brand.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore why you need to think carefully about where you plonk that little graphic wonder!


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Having your company logo on every page lets the visitors quickly understand which site they’re looking at. Telling users where they are is essential on the web especially when a single click can often teleport you to a completely different site.

Brand reinforcement

Your logo is like the superhero of your brand. It’s the caped crusader that saves the day by helping people recognise and remember who you are. You want people to notice it, and remember it.

Easy navigation

Website logos should always be clickable. When this guideline is followed, users can quickly get back to your home page using this magical portal no matter where they are on your website.

It’s important to place your logo in a position that’s easily accessible and visible from any page on your website.

Brand positioning

The top-left corner of the website is the most common place for a logo. This is because people read from left to right and their eyes are naturally drawn to that spot like an invisible magnetic force.

Having a centred logo can create a sense of balance and symmetry and also seems to be the popular choice amongst premium brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Rolex, Gucci and Cartier.

It all depends on the vibe you’re going for so experiment with different positions until you find the one that makes your logo shine!

Mobile responsiveness

It’s crucial that your logo is positioned correctly on all screen sizes so it’s important that you consider how your logo will look on a small screen when designing your website.

Nobody wants to squint at a tiny logo that’s been crammed into a corner, nor do they want to see a logo that’s so large it takes up half of the screen.


We now know that the position of your website’s logo needs careful planning and consideration. Remember…it’s the superhero of your brand and it deserves to be placed in the spotlight!