Link up: Why including social media links on your website is a must!

Having external links to your social media accounts is an essential part of any website design right now. They help boost your online presence plus having links between them can help your search engine results in Google.

Where you place them though is super important.

Most people, myself included, position them in the footer. Others have them a the top above the menu bar and others hide them in the main content.

Link placement

There’s no right or wrong answer but what I do know is that sometimes having these links front and centre can work against you.

Instagram for example is a “super-sticky” social media platform. Sticky in that it holds onto your attention for vast amounts of time.

You may have a busy presence on there but you’re also now competing with millions of other companies all offering the same kind of products as well as TOWIE, pointless cat videos and other time-wasting nonsense.

When people click on that Instagram button what happens? You may have it set to open in a new window but on a mobile device, it could open the app and you may have lost that website visitor forever.

Which accounts shall I use?

My best advice is to only include the accounts you a) keep up to date and b) want prospective customers to see.

If you use Twitter and are constantly on there posting your political views and slagging off MPs then consider that this may not be the best content for your clients.

If you have Instagram but haven’t updated your account in months then this is probably not an account you want to showcase.

Posting on social media is a drag!

KOROVA - Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

It sure is.

I get sick to the back teeth of thinking about what to post on my accounts for my business. I have tons of content to share but it can take hours to put it all together and schedule. You can easily spend half a day doing that, or more if you do it properly.

The Meta Business Suite from Facebook is a great way of connecting your FB and Instagram accounts together. You can publish new posts, images and videos and even schedule them for days at a time. It will even tell you the best time to post!

There are tons of other tools that will also help – Vista Social, Later, Hootsuite, Loomly, SocialBee and more!