Five reasons why small business owners shouldn’t use Wix or Squarespace

We get it; you want an awesome website to showcase your products or services without breaking the bank. Wix and Squarespace may seem like the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy solution, but before you jump in, we’ve got five insanely good reasons why you might want to reconsider your options.

Let’s dive into the whacky world of DIY website builders and why they may not be the best choice for your new website!


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Wix and Squarespace offer some snazzy templates, but here’s the catch: everyone else is using them too! Customisation? More like “customisa-tiont”!

These templates can leave you feeling like you’re in a creative straightjacket. You want your business to stand out, not look like everyone else’s.

SEO (or lack of it!)

KOROVA - Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

SEO…the magic wand for getting your website found on the web.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to convince you otherwise, Wix and Squarespace are more like SEO’s distant, awkward cousins. They generate code that Google finds as appetising as chilli ice cream.

Expect your website to play hide-and-seek with search engines, and that’s not a fun game to win!

Slow-Mo Website Syndrome

KOROVA - Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Picture this: your potential customers click on your website, then wait…. and wait…. and wait some more… and wait a bit longer…. and then your website content appears.

Thanks to Wix and Squarespace’s sluggish load times this kind of scenario is a real problem. In that same amount of time, your customers will get bored and pop off to the next guy on the list.

Slow websites are the ULTIMATE mood killers, and Google thinks so too!

The “Not-So-Easy” Growth Spurt

KOROVA - Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Your business is booming, and you’re ready to add fancy features and expand your online empire.

Oops! Wix and Squarespace didn’t get the memo. These platforms can be as flexible as a steel rod and you may end up in a never-ending cycle of website makeovers – not as fun as it sounds!

As your business grows you may need more complex features, integrations or advanced functionality, all of which Wix and Squarespace are pretty bad at.

Code Confusion

KOROVA - Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Wix and Squarespace generate code automatically, but it’s like they let a toddler loose on a keyboard. The code is messy, and bloated and can lead to compatability nightmares and security mishaps. You’ll be more confused than a cat in a room of laser pointers when trying to make updates.

For a small business owner who is concerned about long-term success, website maintenance and their own mental health, bad code should be top of the list of things you want to avoid!


Whilst Wix and Squarespace can be tempting with their low prices and promises of simplicity, it comes at a cost. Whilst we’ve been quite jovial and cheeky in this post, building a website is no laughing matter for the future of your business. The limitations in customisation, SEO, scalability, maintainability and code quality can turn your website into a comedy of errors.

There are plenty more reasons as to why Wix and Squarespace are not ideal platforms for small businesses and we’ll cover them in more detail in another blog post but lack of ownership and control, limited e-commerce capabilities and subscription costs are all things you need to think about. Maybe not right now, but you’ll wish you had.

The best alternative is to treat your business to a professionally designed and developed website and let an expert (i.e. us!) handle the heavy lifting. You’ll have more time for what really matters – making your website thrive and enjoying the fun side of being a successful entrepreneur!