Buckle up! Why you can’t afford to ignore website security

Today, we’re discussing the importance of that little padlock symbol on your website. You know the one – it’s a small but mighty symbol of security that tells website visitors that your website is safe and secure.

In this post, we’ll give you 4 top tips and explore why that padlock is so important and how it can benefit your website’s security, client data and SEO.


That little padlock is a sign that your website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. It’s like a forcefield for your website – it protects data as it travels between your visitors’ browsers and your website’s server.

This means that any information your visitors submit, like login credentials or payment details, is kept safe and secure. And let’s face it, in today’s world of hackers and cyber threats, security is more important than ever.


It’s not just about security – that padlock can also benefit your website’s SEO. Search engines like Google prefer websites that use SSL encryption because it signals to them that your website is trustworthy and secure.

In fact, Google has even stated that SSL encryption is a ranking factor in their search algorithm. So, by using SSL encryption and displaying that little padlock, you’re not only keeping your visitors safe, but you’re also boosting your SEO.

Client Data

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By using SSL encryption, you’re signalling to your visitors that their security and privacy are important to you. This can help build trust and confidence in your website, which could lead to more conversions and repeat business.

How to get it?

If you feel like the black sheep on the internet, with your website lacking the coveted “https” at the beginning of its URL then fear not my friend. Getting an SSL certificate is easier than you think, and not only will it make your website secure, it will also give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of the cool kids club.

Check with your web host. More often than not they include a free feature, sometimes called AutoSSL which you can very quickly and easily enable on your website.

If not then your web host will be in the best place to advise you on the type of certificate you need for your website.


That little padlock symbol on your website is more than just a cute icon – it symbolises security, trust and SEO success.

By using SSL encryption and displaying the padlock, you’re protecting your visitors’ data, improving your search engine rankings, and building trust with your audience.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to lock it up and display that padlock with pride!